Public Statements

Public Statement dated 13 July 2015

13 Jul

The Inspector released a public statement on 13 July 2015 regarding the progress of the investigation into the death of Muhammad Salim.


Public Statement dated 20 March 2015

20 Mar

Upon the publication of the Report into the deaths of Mr Nadheem Abdullah and Mr Hassan Abbas Said, the Inspector released a public statement. 

The text of the Inspector's statement is available here.  The video of the statement is available here.


Progress Statement No. 3

23 Sep

I am now pleased to be able to report that the Abdullah family will be attending the hearing on the 26th September 2014.


Progress Statement No. 2

23 Sep

This is a short update on the arrangements for the public hearing which is to take place in London and which is to be transmitted to Iraq by videolink on the 26th of September.

For further information please see the statement here.


Progress Statement No. 1

17 Jul

This is a statement to clarify certain matters and to report on progress in the investigations.  For further information please see the document here.


Iraq Fatality Investigations - Opening Statement - 5th June 2014

10 Jun

Sir George Newman delivers his Opening Statement in the Iraq Fatality Investigations.




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